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The East Feliciana Drug Council was started in December 2010.


Drug Council Members consist of individuals representing 12 sectors related to the Drug Free Communities Coalitions of America. These sectors are: Youth, Parent, Religious Serving Organization, Civic Organization, School, Business, Youth Serving Organization, Law Enforcement, Media, Healthcare, State, Local or Tribal Agency, and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse.


Participation in community activities include organization of Town Hall Meetings, implementing prescription drug take back events, implementation of youth empowerment and mentoring groups, education of social and emotional learning skills and substance abuse prevention education which will lead to attainment of certification or licensure in the field of prevention.


Our Prescription Drop Boxes are strategically placed in Clinton, Jackson, Norwood, Slaughter, and Wilson.


Areas of focus will include continued educational opportunities for residents within the parish,  education on prescription drug misuse and abuse, decreasing alcohol usage and marijuana usage among the youth and educating alcohol outlet vendors on proper ID checks for under age individuals trying to purchase alcohol, and responsible vendor certification.

There will also be sobriety check points set-up throughout the parish.


Members of the East Feliciana Drug & Alcohol Awareness Council

Office Staff
Darriell Hinton

Program Director

Lions Quest Facilitator

OMG Implementer

Rhonda Torrence
Program Coordinator 
Lions Quest Moderator
OMG Implementer
Maurene Selders

Community Liaison:


Lions Quest Implementer

OMG Implementer

A'Neddra Quave
Board Members
Susan Smith


Ashley Ferguson
Co - Chairperson
SADD Coordinator EFHS
Katherine Scales


Finance Committee Chairman

Sondra Silas-Hayes
Latoya Selders Veal
Mable Jarrell
Council Members
Sabrina Jones

SADD Coordinator - EFMS

Julee Blanchard

SADD Coordinator - Silliman Inst.

Jeff Travis
Melinda Ganes
Beth Dawson
Melissa Miller

SADD Coordinator

Slaughter Elementary

Rickie Collins

BMT Implementer

Bullying Facilitator

Tiffany Taylor
Roosevelt Wilkerson
Levain Woodridge

EFDAAC Lions Quest Implementers


DCI Community Partner & EFDAAC Members

                                      EFDAAC Membership
From Left to Right (Bottom Row):  Darriell Hinton, Katherine Scales,
Julee Blanchard, Ginger Wilkins
From Left to Right (Top Row):  Rickie Collins, Levain Woodridge,

Ashley Ferguson, Susan Smith, Melissa Miller, Rhonda Torrence

EFDAAC Board Members
Susan Smith. Katherine Scales, Latoya Veal
Not Pictured:
Ashley Ferguson, Mable Jarrell a
nd Sondra Hayes

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